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Smart Spruce-Ups

Sssssshhhhh. Hints for a Hushed Interior Want a quieter home? There is much that can be done behind the scenes, according to Vince Powers, a representative of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association in Alexandria, Virgina. • Replace hollow-core doors with solid ones. • With elastic, nonhardening caulk, seal wiring holes between connecting rooms or […]


Garage Door Safety

Garage Doors: On the Right Track Safety-Check That Electric Garage Door A garage door is probably the largest, heaviest piece of moving equipment in your home. That’s why an automatic door should be tested periodically for safety. leff Molchan, spokesperson for Stanley Door Systems Division in Troy, Michigan, recommends a once-a-month safety check.Here’s how. . […]

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Fitting In Exercise…Anywhere!

Deplane—And Take a Hike About to take a plane flight from here to nowheresville, with one or two layovers in between? You can burn calories and decrease travel stress during an airport layover, says David Essel of Sarasota, Florida, a business speaker and producer of workout videos who spends 40 out of 52 weeks a […]


for a Feeling-Good Feline…

Who Says Cats Like Lactose? Some of the most popular types of foods we serve our pets are some of the most harmful. Take Kitty’s bowl of milk, for example. While we may think of milk as the perfect food for cats, many felines are actually lactose-intolerant. That means they get severe nausea and other […]


Check Your Cholesterol

Be Heart Smart: Check Your Cholesterol “lf you don’t know your total blood cholesterol level, get it checked,” Dr.Denke advises. Like blood pressure, cholesterol is another important risk factor for heart disease and some strokes. “Cholesterol should be less than 200 mg/dl {milligrams per deciliter},” Dr. Denke says. “lf it’s below 200, simply have it […]


keep your feet stay dry

Stepping around Athlete’s Foot Shower in Shoes “Wear thongs in public showers and locker rooms to keep your feet off the floor,” says the University of Californias Anne Simons, MD., assistant clinical professor of family and community medicine. Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that lives in warm, damp places-like shower floors in locker […]

muscle sore or muscle cramps

Muscle-Sore No More, How To Prevent It

Put the Clamps on Muscle Cramps To prevent muscle cramps, Dr. Scott Hasson, EdD., associate professor of physical therapy at Texas Women’s University in Houston recommends “hydro-loading and electrolyte loading,” meaning drink plenty of fluids high in electrolytes and eat balanced meals that include vegetables and fruits. Cramping is usually the result of dehydration with […]

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When To Consult a DOCTOR

WHEN TO CONSULT A DOCTOR It is expensive, time—consuming, and unnecessary to run to a doctor for every little thing. But many people don’t consult physicians even when they really should. This can be a serious—possibly fatal—mistake. The following list contains a consensus of recommendations from Paul Auerbach, M.D., of Stanford University; Anne B. Simons, […]


Sharing and Reusing

Pass It Along Do you have leftover household cleaners, paints, and pesticides? Share them with a family member, friend, or neighbor who can use the remainder of the product, suggests Sharon Rehder, environmental engineer with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in Al-bany. But first, check to make sure they have not been […]

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Silver and Crystal Care

Polish Your Sterling Daily…The Easy Way Sterling used regularly almost never needs polishing. But like silver plate, it shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher. “Some of the automatic dish washing detergents contain chemicals that can darken sterling silver,”explains Delores Chandler, owner of Designs by Delores, a custom jewelry and silver shop in Port Orchard, Washington. […]


Additional Flavorings for Food

For Scintillating Flavor Add Something Special to Saltless Sauces To lend flavor to salt-free tomato sauce, author ludith Benn Hurley suggests the following additions. • Minced carrot or some marioram for a bit of sweetness. • A splash of wine for sour or acidic taste. • Garlic for some aromatic flavor. “With these additions, you’l.l […]


Steering Clear of Pollutants

Running an Errand? Think Twice! ln highly populated areas, emissions from automobiles contribute at least 50 percent to ozone problems, and their exhaust accounts for nearly 90 percent of carbon dioxide pollution. According to Mark Simon, director of alternative fuels for the New York  City Department of Environmental Protection, carpooling and combining errands are two […]



Getting ready to waterproof? John Molski, technical director of United Gilsonite Laboratories in Scranton, Pennsylvania, recommends these steps for sealing the basement. 1. Wire brush the surface to remove all loose and broken mortar, dirt,dust, and deposits. It’s best to remove any old paint by wire brushing or sandblasting. 2. Look for efflorescent stains—a chalky […]


Burn Fat to Diet…

A variety of ways to improve your diet: Take Your Calculator to the Supermarket   Many Cardiologists, cancer specialists, and clinical nutritionists agree that reducing fat in the diet should be a high priority for good health. Many studies have shown that excess fat raises serum cholesterol, it also increases the risk of heart attack, […]


Toenail Treatments: Tips To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Try a Soak Solution  “At the first sign of pain from an ingrown toenail, soak the toe to soften the nail,” says the University of California’s Dr. Anne Simons. “Then try to raise the nail with a clean tweezers and pack a small wad of cotton under the ingrowing corner to train the nail away […]


Select the Best Fuel Your Car

Getting More Miles for Your Money Fill ‘er Up…With Premium? Do you get better performance from premium gasoline? “lt depends,” says Dennis Sirnanaitis, Road and Track magazine’s engineering editor (who is also an automotive engineer). “First of all, there is no more energy in a gallon of premium gas than there is in a gallon […]