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Entertaining Excellence

Organize, Organize, Organize Whether  you’re a professional party planner or a once-in-a-while host,there’s no denying that entertaining a crowd is a big job. “The big crunch starts an hour or so before the party, getting everything assembled and ready to serve,” according to Carlyn Berghoff, president of Carlyn Berghoff Catering in Chicago. She offers some […]


Provide First Aid to Accident Victims (part 3 of 3 articles)

Near-Drowning: Reach, Throw, Go “lf you see someone flailing in the water,” says Red Cross authority Frank Carroll, “don’t just attempt a rescue by jumping in. Follow the rescue sequence; reach, throw, go. A person who fears drowning panics, and if you get too close, you could get hurt.” Reach. Many near-drownings happen close to […]

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Modern Barn Architecture

ROUND BARNS “They were really kind of an architectural oddity,” says Portland,Oregon, architect Steve Nys of the circular barns that were promoted and built during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Some historians believe that round barns originated among the Shakers in New England. lt was said the round barn could “keep the devil from […]

female mechanic


HOW  TO AVOID  A GENDER BENDER: There’s no pleasant way to put this: Men and women often aren’t  treated the same when they take a car in for repair. Sexual bias is all too real in the auto repair business. A woman is likely  to be assumed ignorant of mechanical matters unless she proves other- […]


The Right Tools for the Tasks

A 2-Way Ax Down east woodcutter Philip McBrien of Liberty, Maine, recommends a two-faced ax for anyone who’s clearing trees and chopping firewood. One side has a sharp, thin blade; the other side is blunter. Use the sharp side for cutting and splitting wood and the blunt side for chopping branches and bushes, McBrien recommends. […]


The First Commandment of Storage…

Smart Storage …Clean your clothes! Ready to put your winter clothes away for their long summer nap? Clean them first, insists Cornell’s Dr. Kay Obendorf. She says moths and other six-footed enemies are most likely to chomp on clothes that are soiled with food. Those same munchers scorn the taste of dry—cleaning residue. And don’t […]


No-Fuss Drying and Pressing

A Gentle Dryer-With Legs Vintage-clothing restorer leanne Mclvor found the perfect “gentle dryer” in a dime store. lt’s a plastic screen that stands on tiny legs, allowing for ventilation from below. Mclvor, who gives her clothes a lot of TLC, flat-dries her garments on the plastic screen. Cut Down on Static Some people use commercial […]

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Better Climate Control

Shadow-Cleaning Your Heating System When you have your furnace or oil burner cleaned and inspected, do an auxiliary cleanup at the same time, suggests Kenneth Austin, chairman of HouseMaster  of  America. lf you have forced-air heat, clean the registers and duct openings. Use the upholstery-cleaning attachment on your vacuum cleaner to eliminate last seasons dust […]


Clean Our Shades

Lighten Up-Clean Your Shades The best way to keep your lampshades free of dust (and therefore radiating the most light) is to brush them regularly, top to bottom, And the handiest tool for the job? A 4-inch-wide paintbrush, according to Fowler. Dust That Faux-Gloxinia “Never put liquids, even plain water, on your silk floral arrangements,”says […]

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For Smarter Driving…

Steaddddddy on the Gas Many drivers believe you’ll save gas if you keep a light touch on the accelerator. Not so, says B. V. Alvarez, who has designed alternative-fuel vehicles and managed teams of cars in fuel-economy contests. “Because of the design of fuel systems and the nature of the combustion process, tippy-toeing on the […]

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Successful Sowing and Growing

Revere the Elders For home gardening, many old-time varieties of fruits and vegetables are hardier and better tasting than new ones, says Kent Whealy, the founder and co-director of Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, iowa. “So much plant breeding these days is entirely for commercial applications,” he points out. Many old or heirloom nonhybrid varieties […]



Here’s a disease that’s so common that nearly one in seven Americans already has it—and a new case is diagnosed every 33 seconds. In fact, arthritis is the most widespread chronic disease in people over age 45, even when you consider the untold millions who never see a doctor about that blasted pain in their […]


Dream-Kitchen Fix-Ups

Make Room for Trash Trash separation and recycling should be figured into any kitchen up-gradé plans, suggests loe Provey, former editor-in-chief of Practical Homeowner magazine.The one-stop, pull-out wastebasket is quickly becoming passe.Next time you’re in a home store, look for slide-out double trash bins that you can easily install inside cupboards. A slide-out tray for […]


Precautions Against Stroke

Check Your Blood Pressure from….NOW! “Everyone should have a blood pressure check at least annually,” says Margo Denke, M.D., a member of the nutrition committee of the American Heart Association and assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Texas South-western Medical Center in Dallas. Blood pressure […]

staining on the wood

Staining On the Wood

No-Strain Staining Stain, Fill, Stain When you’re staining and patching a piece of wood, stain first, advises  Dave Fuller, a product manager at DAP, a maker of caulks, sealants, and other repair products, in Dayton, Ohio. After the stain has dried, apply wood  filler,let it harden, and sand it smooth. The final step is to […]


Country Living

Working Your Own Land Life in the country is certainly different from life in the city, although the two are certainly intertwined. Fax machines, computer modems, and overnight express mail link one population to the other, and the old stereo-types of rural folk as backward and less educated is getting a long-overdue revision. By its […]